The romantic fishing village of Puerto Viejo is located between palmcovered beaches and thick rainforests that are home to monkeys, sloths, coatis, parrots, toucans, and many other exotic animals. The Carribbean spirit of Costa Rica is found in abundance here: Salsa music, sun and sombreros meet Creole cuisine, Reggae and Rastafari.

People from all over the world are drawn to this magical combination, and many of them have chosen so stay permanently. Around 2000 residents from more than 40 different countries provide an international flair. Nevertheless Puerto Viejo has certainly not lost its traditional character.

A series of beaches, all of them beautiful, pristine, and open to the public, stretches for 15 kilometers to either side of the town. Locals and tourists alike spend their days on the beach, and all are able to find their own secluded, shady spot underneath the trees with a view of the Caribbean. In the evenings, people meet in town to relax, enjoy cocktails and live music by candlelight. In addition to the restaurants, bars, and discos, one can find most of life's other necessities, including a post office, bus stop, stores and banking services, in the town center.

Let yourself be enchanted by the charm of Puerto Viejo. You wouldn't be the first to stay longer than you had planned....